MayaTo3DGS is more than an exporter, it's an complete level design suite, offering an affordable, high-end alternative to the outdated and limited editing tools included with 3D Gamestudio. [ Best of all, you can build, compile and run your level in the 3D Gamestudio engine with a single click!]  
  For the artist, this means a fast and seamless way to bring professional quality levels directly into 3D Gamestudio, making modificaitons direct and easy. For the developer and level designer, MayaTo3DGS offers easy access to skills, flags, actions and attributes previously accessible only in WED.  

A powerful, easy-to-install set of MEL Scripts, MayaTo3DGS is directly accessible through the Maya menu bar. You can create and export model entities, BSP block geometry with textures and attributes, lights, sprites, polygon-sculpted and image-based terrain, paths made directly from curves and access the complete set of attributes.


Revolutionize your 3D Gamestudio development process with the full power of Maya and you'll  never look back. Try MayaTo3DGS today!

(require: Maya 4.x- 8.x, 2008 - 2022 (Not PLE), 3D GameStudio A6/ A7 )
Maya Paint
HMP terrain height
Block and texture ( Download example)
Paint geometry (Adobe flash)
Export scenes   ( Showcase )  
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