Affiliate Program  

Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of Absorb Games.

$$$ Resell our product to earn 40% commission for each sale!

If you have a Web site and would like to sell our games on your site, you can do so by becoming one of our affiliates. If you become an affiliate, we will give you 40% of all sales that are generated from your site.  
How do I become an online Affiliate?  
click following links to send the 'Sell the Product' requests for our games.  
How does it work?
If a visitor comes to your site clicks the banner or link that takes them to this site, we use a cookie to anonymously track them.  If they make a purchase within 60 days of clicking that link, you still get credit for that sale.
How much does it cost to join?
FREE!  There are no setup charges or sign-up fees.
How much will I earn?
Since there are a number of different games each with a different price, each item carries a different commission amount as follows:
Product Code
3D Dream Bowl
Regnow: 16531-1
Okay, I've just signed up.  Now what do I do? (Regnow)
After you join there will be a waiting period (usually one or two business days) while your application is approved.  Once you've been approved, you'll receive an e-mail containing instructions on accessing the affiliate control panel.  As long as you signed up using the link above, you will automatically be signed up for all our games.  If you wish to promote specific versions of the software, proceed to your control panel and click "Product Finder," then do a name search for Absorb Games (specific product numbers are in the commission chart above).  Refer to the documentation section of the affiliate program control panel.
Can I promote your games through e-mail?
If you have a mailing list which people have signed up for, please feel free to market our games through it.  However, like most people, we do not tolerate spam.  If an affiliate uses unsolicited e-mail to advertise our games, their affiliate membership will be canceled immediately and their payment will be automatically withheld.
I noticed that affiliates can create coupons.  How does this work?
Coupons are a way for affiliates to attract sales by offering a discount on our programs. The discount is set by you (the affiliate) and comes out of your commission so be careful not to make a coupon value too high.
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